Posted by: verlsnake | November 7, 2015

Harvest for 24 Years of Blood, Sweat and Tears in Education (School, Army, University): Yearlong Devastating Terror AKA “Rostiger Todesstern (Rusty Star of Death)” !


  • Poverty instead of Prosperity (Holy Value)
  • Loss of teeth; perspective (Holy Value); and ultimately even the most basic privacy (Holy Value) … No freedom whatsoever (likewise Holy Values) …
  • Bitterness instead of enthusiasm/motivation


  • I wouldn’t serve a millisecond for the country Germany anymore; neither in the Army, nor in Education/Studies/Jobs/WhatHaveYou …
  • I am still very much open for adequate good treatment ! Very exactly knowing that Germany has been – and still is – a country where one can lead a considerable good life; given that one is not continuously prosecuted by the “Ambidextrous Knights Of Evil” …
  • I know of noone in my relationship – grandmas, grandpas included – and acquaintanceship who had to lead a life like I had to lead in the recent decades ! And all that in “The Promised Land of Germany”; and all that with my personal background and ever-evolving efforts (a nice alliteration, isn’t it ?) …
  • So to put it bluntly:
    • I used to be a loving patriot of the Federal Republic of Germany
    • Eventually I have been forced to become someone who more or less hates the Ambidextrous Republic of Germany !


  • The subject says it all …
  • And yes, please believe me:
    • I am NOT at all sadomasochistic
    • It is NOT my aim to become an exile; a person displaced from Germany

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