Posted by: verlsnake | May 11, 2009

Making ‘Getting Money For Nothing’ More Sexy: Operation “Global Money Sun”

Let me start with a few words about my own personal ‘social welfare history’: I have grown up/been raised really not with a bad attitude towards work and/or achievement; and I had originally never thought of – or even planned/envisioned – to get money from the state in a yearlong manner (called ‘resting on the briefcase of the tax payer’ in traditional wording …).

In the meantime I have come to the following conclusion, however: An unconditional monetary basic social care – no questions asked; if possible worldwide – absolutely does make sense … Because we as humankind have unprecedented technological capabilities at our disposal; the computerization, for instance, is on the rise since a good 30 years only …

Apparently what we urgently need right now is a worldwide coup; it depends on whether we leverage the existing technological capabilities wisely or whether we gamble them away … Since the money streams play a vital role thereby, the world financial system will have to be retreaded eventually … I can warm towards an Operation “Global Money Sun” ! A “Global Money Sun” which emits the capital needed for the unconditional worldwide monetary basic social care 🙂 … So that noone no longer takes the word ‘Parasite’ into her/his mouth when it comes to people receiving a basic social care; no neverending discussions about this topic – causing people pains and bad conscience – anymore either. Also this system should be as simple as possible – opposed to today’s ‘social welfare dinosaurs’, which allow for widespread misuse …

Another argument in favor of such a “Global Money Sun” system: This could also help to appease distortions of competition, which occur due to vastly differing social welfare systems between countries.

Some additional trains of thought which have led me to this “Global Money Sun” proposal:

  • My own bad experiences with living on social welfare in Germany:
    • One is confronted with debates/questions more often than not – in private as well as in public
    • For a single person the current social welfare is too little to live and too much to die: I waive consume unintentionally yearlong already …
  • The raw need to make money ‘by hook or by crook’ has led to an explosion in the product/service space; and to something one could name ‘consumerism’; and to employment for employment’s sake; BUT: Don’t we keep house for our living, and don’t live to keep house ? Only when we make ourselves not vassals of ‘consumerism’ and/or ‘unnecessary employment’ can we change course for the good of the ‘integrity of creation’ …
  • So on the one hand we have this cornucopia/plethora/abundance of products and services – made possible by great technological advances; on the other hand we still seem to have (increasing) poverty – a worldwide race for the lowest wages does probably do no good to the bottom spectrum of wages as well as to social welfare … A “Global Money Sun” could perhaps stop this downwards spiral …
  • What do I interpret as signs of (increasing) poverty ?
    • We have tag soups in the web; but unfortunately also soup kitchens in the real world in the Germany of 2009 … Who had believed that a while ago ?
    • It was really fun to spend some quality time in tents in the youth; BUT: The recent rise of tent camps in the U.S. seems unreal to me … This is where Germany still shines when it comes to social welfare; I for one am allowed to live in a small, modest 38 squaremeter flat – called the ‘Lenkjöchelhütte’ …
    • There are (still) countries where the most basic things – like readily available access to clean water – are missing; and where agriculture is still done the inefficient, traditional way; doing agriculture efficiently should be a worldwide focus …
  • Let us not pretend otherwise: Now, more than ever, we live on ‘Planet Animal Farm’ …; so the more important it is to bring some good treatment to the people: A “Global Money Sun” could do exactly that: It won’t melt down the ice of the poles; nor will it damage the skins of people 🙂 …
  • I am an avid member of the vast universe of (web) application (software) development; as such I witness the complexity and progress in this field; and also perceive it as not comparable to many other fields; being a member of such a high-tech environment, I am all the more torn when I witness such things like soup kitchens … It makes me kind of dizzy …

To come to an end: Exactly in times like these should unconventional trains of thought not only be allowed, but welcome, too; my own personal proposal of the Operation “Global Money Sun” is admittedly not (yet) fully thought through …

One closing 3rd party quote (thanks to Professor Dr. Fredmund Malik for this):

“Ohne funktionierende Systeme, die das, was sie für die Wirtschaft leisten, auch für die Sozialsysteme tun, wird es zur sozialen Katastrophe kommen.”

“Without functioning systems, that are leveraged by the economy AND at the same time by the social systems, a social catastrophe will be inevitable.”

P.S.: I see myself as not being a zealot with regard to anything; and my hope is to stay an optimistic realist; so I still think that not mastering the current crises/challenges would be a staircase wit of the history – given all those capabilities/experiences/insights AND hopefully good will …


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