Posted by: verlsnake | August 19, 2008

Yearlong journey through the land of (web) app software development

I am on a yearlong journey through the land of (web) app software development … This journey was NOT planned at all … The motivation was to launch an own gaming site …
The requirements for the gaming site have evolved over time … As have the technologies; cues: Ajax/Comet waves … And then I have entered the world of virtual 3D, too … Because I consider 3D content as a wonderful ingredient for the gaming site … This 3D world is really an universe of its own …
But nevertheless time may have eventually come now to make the envisioned gaming site a reality … Again only time will tell …
What are the conclusions I draw from this journey ?

  • The software world is even vaster than I already thought …
  • I have been caught by this Ajax/Comet wave in between
  • I imagine to have a much better overview/insight into what’s going on in the (web) app software development world; and in the 3D world, too …
  • Due to that it should be much more difficult to be fed with work that acts primarily upon the maxim “employment first”
  • Don’t trust anybody ! Unfortunately the IT business is a field where it is very, very difficult to find the most promising path … I for one would never claim to have found it … But that’s the decade old story of the “holy software grail” …
  • Too much enthusiasm can be dangerous … Maybe one should be much more money-triggered these days than driven by enthusiasm …
  • To try to make Your “own thing” can be really difficult … You have to experience that Yourself; this will also relativize any enthusiasm one has/might have had about one’s own country/system … which is NOT a bad thing necessarily …
  • On the other hand, one could also say that it is great to have had the possibility to do such a journey πŸ™‚ !
  • Good intentions are indeed not enough; but that has NOT been my basic belief anyway …
  • To be inspired by an idea can make one go to great lengths πŸ™‚ !

Has anybody else made such a journey recently ?

In a following blog post, I will describe the envisioned gaming site more concretely … Hopefully many reading folks look forward to that post πŸ™‚ !

And for all the people who are bored of (web) app software development/3D content development, I will try to address other topics, too, in the near future …

Please come back more often than not πŸ™‚ !



  1. I post this comment to come back to the following statement:
    “In a following blog post, I will describe the envisioned gaming site more concretely”

    This blog post has yet to come; perhaps keeping some ideas more secretly can be a good strategy, too. Should this blog post receive no further comments, it may well be that I do not publish the envisioned gaming site concepts at all here.

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